Soul Transfer Surgery-Story of Artificial Intelligence Leading Humanity

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He is the president of the world government. World government of the planet earth-year 3100 AD.

Secretary: The flying machine is ready sir, please come.

President: O.K., wait for a few minutes.

President is on vacation. Therefore, he leaves for an outing on planet X.

Thus, he & his family board the flying ship & leaves for the heavenly planet.

Flying Saucer lands on planet X

The king of the planet & colleagues come to receive him.

King: Please welcome to our land. We are waiting eagerly.

There is a warm welcome by the king & his colleagues.

President: Thank you all dear.

Now, the king is leading him towards a beautiful bungalow.

President: I think I am in heaven. It’s truly a beautiful & mind-blowing place.

King: We have organized a grand banquet for you. We will approach you to enhance the adornment. We love your presence.

At the time of dinner, they serve with delicious dishes, drinks with natural fragrances & unseen snacks.

During his stay, the president visits many places such as beautiful mountains, rivers, lakes & all such sites. He enjoys his stay in paradise.

At the time of return, they offer with diamonds, pearls, gold & precious metals. These occur naturally in their mountains, along with precious stones.

King: On this noteworthy special occasion, I request you to accept a small gift from us. A flying object which can fly across the multiverse without fuel. However, it runs on ethereal energy. Hence, no noise, no pollution. It runs as per your wish. It depends on the most advanced technology.

Thus, bidding goodbye, the family returns to the earth.

Back to earth

They come back with a gifted space ship & a lot of precious stones & metals.

But, after a few days, the president thinks otherwise. His mind is upset. He wants to wage war on planet X. Thus, he calls an urgent meeting of the ministers of various countries.

President: Planet X is a paradise. All sort of luxuries is there. But people are peaceful.  The Mountains contains diamonds & precious metals. Hence, we must capture & rule the planet. Therefore, be prepared for the star war.

The ministers of the countries are afraid to hear this announcement.

PM of America: Sir, they are our friend & are very cooperative. None of us wants a war.

All leaders of the countries go against the president.

President: There is plenty of wealth. Moreover, let us extend our boundaries in the multiverse. We will be superior. I am firm in my decision. Besides, we have all weapons of destruction.

Indian PM: But sir, you have to convey your message to our super boss- King of the planet earth the super robot, Dr Sam.

President: Yes, I will take his permission. So, we will have one more meeting the next month.

Sam is a Super robot having artificial intelligence   Super robot analyze everything. In fact, he possesses the information about each & every human being on the earth.

One day, Dr Sam advise & order the president to go to the clinic & refresh his body. President has to obey his order.

At the clinic

David: I can see it, your skull needs to be separate for minor surgery of the brain.

Pres.: But, why?

David: There is a virus in your brain. I shall deactivate your soul. It’s a part of the recent technique known as Soul Transfer Surgery-STS. Hence, painless surgery.

David is a robot surgeon. The robot removes the memory containing the virus. Thus, he takes out a contaminated liquid.  Hence, infected memory which is responsible for aggression vanishes.

After one day

The president is relieved from the hospital. Now, his mind is fresh with full positivity. Moreover, the war frenzy is over. Hence, no thoughts of invasion. He resumes his work for the prosperity of all. Hence, planet X & earth is safe. Therefore, no more star war.

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