A Voyage to the Mars- A Giant Leap for Mankind in the Space

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It is a President’s office. The President is addressing a meeting of the astronauts. In fact, he is trying to boost willpower and enthusiasm for further research on extraterrestrial bodies. But he insists and puts more stress on conquering the Moon and Mars.

‘I am very much happy to announce the program of our first Mars mission. In this mission, the spaceship will carry humans. However, it will be the first time in the history of the human species that a human will put his foot on Mars. But, ours will be the first nation to launch the project,’ says the President.

‘And, I congratulate Sonali and Deepak for their selection as astronauts,’ declares the President.

Thus, Sonali & Deepak are excited to hear their names for the proposed journey. However, it’s an extraordinary event in their life. Hence, there is no limit to their happiness.

The President greets both of them and gives blessings & best wishes for their success.

Sonali & Deepak have had a great experience as astronauts & they are good friends.

‘Undergo drastic training for one year.’ says the director.

‘We are always ready, sir. It’s our dream,’ replies Sonali.

Hence, they undergo rigorous training for one year.

After One Year

Finally, the time for the mission to start is up.

Sonali & Deepak board the spaceship. They are in the space suit.

People from the organization, scientists & engineers, are here for the farewell and good wishes. Thus, it is an exciting moment for both astronauts.

As we know, it takes about seven months to reach the planet Mars. The distance from the earth is roughly 480 million kilometers.

However, the environment is not suitable for human life as there is less oxygen on the planet. The temperature differs from -600C to 200C in various regions. The atmosphere mainly comprises carbon dioxide. The gravitational force is much less compared to the earth.

But both scientists are ready to face all such difficulties. Hence, they have everything with them to sustain life, such as liquid oxygen & special space suits.

Finally, the spacecraft now departs the earth station. Thus, it leaves for its destination.

‘We are now on our way to Mars. I am very much ecstatic,’ says Sonali.

‘We will be the first to land on Mars. Anyway, Mars is more like our earth,’ explains Deepak.

Thus, the spaceship leaves the earth’s atmosphere. It enters space. And the journey continued for months.

‘How is the journey, friends? Are you enjoying?’ enquires a scientist from the base station on earth.

‘Yes sir, now we are heading towards Mars. We are now just going to enter Mars’ gravitational force,’ replies Deepak.

Hence, the spaceship now approaches Mars.

‘Can you now see the Deimos moon on the radar screen?’ Sonali asks.

‘It’s great,’ answers Deepak.

Now, the ship circles Mars. The second moon, ‘Phobos’, is visible now.

The spaceship reaches the surface of the planet. And slowly, the machine lands on the surface of Mars.

‘Sonali, let us prepare for the first walk on the soil of the planet. Put on a special suit,’ says Deepak.

‘Yes sir, I am ready

‘Sir, we are now on the planet Mars, ready to walk on the land.’ Deepak contacts earth station.

‘It’s a giant leap for humanity. The entire world is excited & congratulating you.’ bless the director from earth station.

Thus, the astronauts walk on the surface. In addition, they stick the flags of their countries on the grounds of the strange planet.

But it seems a streak of light is heading toward them. It rapidly approaches and, with a terrible blast, lands in front of them. It appears to be an unidentified flying object-UFO.

‘Sonali, get back to the ship, and let me contact earth Station,’ says Deepak.

Unfortunately, contact with the earth station is not workable.

The unknown creatures come out of the UFO. Hence, capture both the astronauts and put them in the alien ship.

But within a few seconds, the UFO disappears into unknown horizons.

They examine the human bodies of astronauts & keep them in a hall where humans can survive in an atmosphere suitable for humans.

But who are they? We do not know. Are they superhumans or creatures from other planets? Nothing is clear. And where are we going? They do not understand our language.

We do not know the time now.

At last, the gigantic ship lands.

Hence, we were now the prisoners of the aliens.

But, they transfer us into a place that seems to be heavenly—everything that a human needs is available here. So, we are not prisoners. But in fact, we were the guest.

However, they provide us with a robot that can speak and understand the English language.

‘Please do not worry. We will not harm you. So, stay here and enjoy,’ says the robot.

‘But who are these people? What is this place? Why they have captured us?’ ask Deepak.

‘They are superhumans. Hence, they control the planets of the multiverse. They too can control the life on the earth,’ speaking the robot.

‘How much farther is the earth from here?’ Sonali asks.

‘I do not know.’ robot.

However, our stay was very comfortable. But, it appeared as if we were on a holiday trip.

The next day, the robot enters our cabin.

‘Would you like to see the beautiful planets of this galaxy?’ the robot asked.

‘We shall reach the planets using a teleporter,’ explains the robot.

Therefore, we sat in a queer machine-the teleporter. In a fraction of a second, we were in a peculiar place.

It was a watery planet. Thus, this planet is wrapped in water. Hence, life flourishes in water. Humanlike creatures get adapted to live in water. It’s awesome to see such a scene.

‘It’s a watery planet’ says the robot.

‘Let’s now travel towards the planet of the apes’ robot.

Here, humans are like apps. It’s a peculiar civilization.

‘Here is a planet of God’s. But humans cannot enter the heavenly environment. And let’s return to our planet of superhumans.’ says the robot.

We come back to our original place.

The superhumans were instructing something to the robot.

‘Now, we will send you back to the earth. It’s the order of our master. As per your earth clock (Time), one thousand years have passed. For your information, earth is now barren. There is no life, no civilization,’ adds the robot.

We were again in the UFO. In no time, we were at our motherland, the earth. And we were left here.

But, it was surprising. There are no cities, no houses & no people anywhere. No life exists on earth. There is no base station on earth. There are no scientific advances.

Hence, the whole earth is barren.

Only some primitive life as birds, a few animals & some aquatic life, exist.

In fact, we are the only two that remain on the earth.

Thus, life will start & the earth will flourish again. All scientific advances, technology & civilization will flourish. The creation & destruction will continue.

And they control life on all the planets- the superhumans.

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