Android Robots of the Next Century- Smarter than the Humans

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Ritesh lives in Bangalore. He has completed his Ph.D. recently from IIT Bangalore. His father is working as a Professor at an engineering college & mother is a homemaker & his little sister Priya is studying in the seventh standard.

However, Ritesh is searching for a job.

One day he receives an appointment letter by email. They offer him the post of a junior engineer at an IT company in Japan.

Hence, he accepts the appointment & joins the international company in Japan.

‘Mama, it’s really great. Do you know how much is the salary?’ Ritesh informs mom with a smile on his face.

‘My son, it’s not the salary. It’s you who is most important to me & you’re Papa’ replies her mother.

Meanwhile, his father enters the drawing-room.

‘What’s going on Ritesh, it seems, you are getting thrilled.’ father enquires.

‘In a month of time, I am going to Japan for a job. See, this is my appointment letter.’

His father looks at it eagerly. ‘It’s really great.’ says he.

Ritesh prepares for his journey towards Japan. Thus, book a ticket & make all necessary arrangements.

On the occasion of his departure, the entire family comes with him to the airport to bless him & say goodbye.

Priya, ‘Brother, when you return after three years, please do not come with Japanese aunty. We all will find a beautiful bride for you.’

‘My Ritesh is not that sort of boy. Isn’t it?’ smiles his mother.

‘Yes, mummy, don’t worry. I shall tell you everything. Nothing of that sort will happen. I will concentrate on my work.’ Ritesh replies.

Ritesh boards the flight. In an hour, the flight heads to Japan.

At the Itochu Company in Japan

The Officer welcomes all the newcomers and assigns them the duties they are going to perform. In addition, he also shows them their luxurious living rooms or residences & cafe for dining.

Hence, Ritesh begins his work at the company. In a few days, he makes friends with young Indian coworkers. In fact, they all share the same hotel, Henn-Na Hotel, for their lunch & dinner.

Henn-Na Hotel is one of the best hotels in the world. Therefore, tourists from around the world do not miss a visit to such a lovely place.

A beautiful girl is the manager of the cafe in the hotel. Yet, she is young and energetic. Her name is Alita. Alita remembers the name of each & every customer and calls them by name. In fact, she has an extraordinary memory.

For instance, Alita looks as if she is a fairy. In addition, her lips are like the petals of a rose. Alita’s long shining silky hairs are outstanding. Her eyes are as dreamy as a starry night, as pretty as lotus petals, but as innocent as a small child. The cheeks are rosy & her body is full of sweet rosy fragrance. To put it another way, she is a dream girl.

As usual, Ritesh & his friends enter the café.

‘I will be happy to serve you the food, sir. ‘ Alita greets them.

Thus, Ritesh & his friends accept her smile & rush towards their tables.

‘In fact, our manager looks like a dream girl. Doesn’t she?’ Ritesh tells his friends.

‘So, do you like her?’ Milan.

‘Yes, I love her. Besides that, I am lost in her.’ He confesses.

In fact, Ritesh gets lost in love with the Japanese girl.

‘But, why don’t you ask her, Just say that you love her & let us see her response, ‘ adds Jay

‘First, let us ask her. We are all with you.’ Milan says.

Ritesh, along with his friends, approaches her desk. Therefore, she pushes up her chair & stands up.

‘Hey there.’ She says

‘What can I do for you?’

But Ritesh speaks nothing. However, he is just staring into her eyes.

‘I love you’ Ritesh.

‘Of course, I too.’ She replies with a smile.

‘But, are you married.’ ask Ritesh.

‘No, not yet. But I wish to.’ Alita.

Of course, Ritesh now feels free & comfortable.

‘However, where are your parents?’

‘I do not know about my Mom, but my daddy is sitting in the main office of the café.’

Ritesh: I wish to meet him.

‘No problem, Lets go.’ Alita says.

Ritesh is very much excited. They all are approaching the central office.

‘Welcome, Alita. How are you, dear?

‘I am OK dad.’

‘He is Ritesh, working as an engineer at Itochu. He is our regular customer & a nice man. Thus, I love him.’ Alita.

Ritesh now dares to disclose everything.

‘So, you want to marry Alita? Pay one million dollars. That’s the price of Alita.

‘What’s that sir, are you selling your daughter?’ says Ritesh.

‘ We manufactured her five years ago in our factory. And, you must know my boy, she is an Android robot. But, they are smarter than humans. In fact, she can feel, can analyze, can imagine, has creativity & can do all works that humans can do. Except one that is reproduction, ‘ explains her dad.

‘And now the government has implemented new laws for android humans. Hence, we must treat them just as humans.’

Ritesh gets a shock. And he cannot speak a single word.

‘Of course, if you are ready for the bargain, you may come here any time.’

‘Thank you, sir’ Ritesh.

Hence, all of them come out of the chamber.

Alita suddenly put an arm on Ritesh’s shoulder. ‘Are you an Android? I love you too.’ she says.

Ritesh & his friends left the café forever.

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