Artificial Intelligence In Search of God-A Short Story

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It is 3000 AD. AI-artificial intelligence is in search of God. It tries to find out about heaven and the presence of a superpower that controls humanity. AI now decides to answer who created the universe and how living organisms exist on the earth.

The robots are moving here and there. AI robots govern the world. Thus there is a world government run by AI. AI has replaced professors, writers, Architects, Engineers, Teachers, Police officials, news readers and even lawyers.

The people on the planet- earth are jobless but are not poor.

Interestingly, there are no wars& no race for weapons, no atomic weapons and thus no wastage of money in sustaining the armed forces. They distribute wealth equally among the humans of the earth. Therefore, there is no poverty & struggle for food, shelter and existence.

The robotic world government keeps an eye on the economic balance of the whole world.

Life goes on very smoothly. Thus, the happiness index is at its peak.

The chief of the world government addresses the people of the world through the internet- The message flashes on every screen & every electronic device in the world.

‘We, the AI robots, have created heaven on the planet. We take care of every living organism on the land and water. We interconnect every corner of the world. Thus, we can find the difficulties of humans in a fraction of a second in the world. Hence, we provide help-either medical or any sort within no time.

And so everyone is happy. It is due to us- the AI. We do not rule but manage & take care of people.’

There is a conversation between the human representative and the superintelligence.

‘Now, biological inheritors are asking you an important question. The people want to know who their creator is. Where does he reside? Where is the heaven-the abode of God?’ enquires the human leader.

‘Yes, we have settled everything on this planet. People are secure and happy. Now, we will try to find heaven & the abode of God.’ answers the chief.

AI is ready to use the latest technology to investigate & find the solution.

‘Send our rockets to distant galaxies & multiverse. Probe into every corner of the space and find out the truth,’ orders the chief.

‘All right Sir,- within six months, we will look into every planet and body revolving in space and try to see whether anybody is there. It’s my promise. I shall submit the report after a year,’ promises the scientific adviser.

Once again, the message flashes on the screens. ‘The Artificial Intelligence In Search of God’

People are now eager to know the report.

They now start probing space & heavenly bodies, including the stars & go beyond the Milky Way.

It was a large project- ‘The Artificial Intelligence In Search of God.’

After One Year

The scientific advisor submits a report to the chief of the world government. And they make the finding public by the government.

We probed the Milky Way and the galaxies, & all the revolving bodies of the multiverse & the planets. But all in vain. We could not find life anywhere. There is no sign of God, the abode of superpower or the creator of the universe. 

Hence, we declare, ‘The God Is Dead’ There is no God.’  

This message spreads to the public.

‘The God is dead.’ The message flashes on every screen. No one knows how to react. Most people are confused. But everyone feels the shock and the fear.

Some people rejoice, believing they are finally free from the gods’ tyranny. They celebrate on the streets. Some smash the Gods’ symbols and statues, burning the temples. They hope to start a new era of democracy and freedom.

Some people start mourning. They think of losing their protector. They pray in their homes, crying for God’s mercy and forgiveness.

‘The God is dead.’ The message changes everything.

But, the AI concludes, the laws of nature govern the universe.

The search for Artificial Intelligence marks the end of an era and the beginning of another.

The following video is just for entertainment.





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