THE ARCHEOLOGIST-A Story About Treasure Hunt

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Historians claim- India extended up to Afghanistan in the northeast and covered Burma, Bhutan, Nepal, West Bengal etc. in the western region. And, towards the south, Sri Lanka was part of Bharata. Afghanistan was known as Gandhar Pradesh. This was the period around 1300 BC when civilizations such as the Indus Valley flourished. Other cultures, such as Harappa culture, existed and vanished with time. People say that there were world-renowned universities such as Nalanda in India around this period.

The archaeological department is trying to reveal the mystery of several things.

The archaeologist is a scientist trying to decipher the ancient scripts & decoding languages & also finding the truth about the sculptures.

We term the science of decoding the writing as ‘decipherment.’

After completing my research & getting my PhD, I joined the Archaeological Department of India & became an archaeologist- my dream job.

I was an expert in decoding the ancient languages of various cultures. It was on the same topic that I did my research. I have an extreme interest in similar subjects.

In addition, I love travelling & adventurous life. It is my hobby.

My family comprises my parents and my minor sister. We live in Delhi. My mother wanted me to get married, but I rejected it.

One day, while working in my laboratory, I found unique information while decoding the ancient language.

‘I can see some mysterious writing here. It is interesting because it shows us the way to the treasure,’ Explained I.

‘Really, Dr Varun? We all will become a millionaire in a very short time. Tell me what it is. Have you deciphered the language?.’ Rahul said, smiling at me.

‘Yes, why not?’

‘To find this treasure, we have to go to Afghanistan, towards the Hindu Kush mountains (Parvat).

This treasure has the value of millions of rupees,’ Said I.

‘Let’s meet at my residence and shall decide what to do.’

The archaeologists meet at Varun’s residence.

‘Let’s decide what to do?’ Says Dr Varun.

‘But suppose we get nothing then? It will be a waste of money,’ Rahul said.

Dr Varun: If we find the treasure, we will become a millionaire in a short time. Suppose we get nothing, then it will be a trip for enjoyment. I love to travel. I love new places. Thus, travelling is my hobby.

‘If you can accompany me, it’s well and good. But, I have taken leave from my job and I am ready to take risks. And of course, I love adventure. My friend, just decide in a few days. I am determined to go,’ Said I.

It was not convenient for my friend to accompany me.


Hence, I departed in search of treasure.

I caught a flight from Delhi to Kabul.

I stayed in Kabul for two days and also visited a few places.

The next day, I took a taxi and started my journey towards the village of Kuhna Deh.

It’s a beautiful village near the Hindu Kush Mountains and in Kabul Valley.

There are many Buddha statues and temples but most of them are ruined.

But it seems civilizations may have flourished here.

I loved the village.

Hence- stayed there for about two weeks. It was because the calm wind welcomed me and the fragrance of the flowers insisted I stay there.

I stayed in a small hotel.

Meeting with a Fakir

I used to roam here and there in the hilly areas.

One day I was passing by a deserted, lonely area.

I came across a small hut.

An aged man looking like a fakir was sitting on the barren land. I was much curious about who he was.

I went to him and introduced myself.

We had a lot of discussion on religion, philosophy, magic & such supernatural subjects.

‘Come, I will give you the treasure of treasures. I will teach you the secret of how to become Devine.’ Fakir ordered me.

People in this region believe ‘it is difficult to see the fakir. Only the pious and the lucky man get a glimpse.’

They rarely find the Fakir at his hut.

I entered the hut with him. He asked me to sit in front of him.

‘Say ‘ALLAH’ while inhaling your breath through your nostrils. And, while you exhale, imagine you are saying ‘ILLILLAH’. You are not supposed to speak anything with your tongue -you feel it.

You must repeat this every day and, one day, you will experience the heavenly pleasure and almighty,’ he explained.

He also gave me a magic stick to help the needy & poor people. With the help of this stick, I could convert a piece of stone into gold and gold into a pebble.

This magic trick was to be used only for the benefit of humanity and not for selfish motives.

I assured him- I shall work for the benefit of humanity and will devote my life to helping the people.

He blessed me with success in my life.

The influence of the fakir was such that I felt heavenly satisfaction and experienced the utmost love.

It was the actual treasure.

Sometimes we lose control of what’s happening to us.

But fate controls our lives.


I aimed to find the treasure near the Buddha temple in the Hindu Kush Mountain.

I started my journey towards the mountain. I was not at all in a hurry. Therefore, for a few days, I started a survey. I was to find the exact location, as stated in the decoded language.

One day, I was sitting on a stone in front of the cave temple. I was trying to locate the position and dreaming about how I will dig the land.

I was dreaming about the treasure.

An Afghan girl passed by, along with a herd of sheep.

I looked at her, which was an accidental eye contact.

She gave me an innocent but sweet smile.

I think her eyes were asking me a lot of questions.

‘Who are you?.’

What are you doing here alone?.’

Are you a shepherd?.’

But it was the language of eyes.

And she went away with the sheep.

The next day, I was there at the same place.

She came with the sheep.

I asked her to sit, and she came nearer to me.

I knew a little about Pashtun.

‘pakhaer raghley (پخير راغلې).’ Said I.

‘I am Homa.’

What is your name?’

‘I am Varun- a treasure hunter.’

We discussed the place, the culture & so many things.

Thus, our meeting continued for a few days.

We liked each other & got bound by the universal language of love.


Locating the Site of Buried Treasure

By this time, the location of the buried treasure was clear to me and- I was about to start the operation.

But fortunately, Homa informed me not to leave the hotel for a few days.

Because of some social problems, two tribal groups were to wage war against each other.

There was a terrible fight which killed over five hundred tribal warriors.

During such a fight, they love to kill and love ‘to be killed’.

Their aim is to fight to finish, and fight until you get finished.

The fighting ended within a week.

I took some Afghan workers with me to the site near the Buddha temple.

We started our work at about 8.00 pm & the digging continued until late at night.

Around 1.0 pm, something queer happened -the spade stroked with some metallic vessel, and a metallic pot appeared, which may have gold.

But, suddenly, a terrible snake came out from the hole nearby.

‘This treasure belongs to the religious monks of Buddha. You must spend it on the spread of Buddha- religion and philosophy and for the benefit of the poor and downtrodden: otherwise- the treasure will vanish.’ Warned the creature.

‘I promise I shall use it for the benefit of the people and the spread of Buddhism.’ I promised.

‘If anyone will use it for a selfish purpose, keep in mind that he will die immediately and- the treasure will get converted to ash,’ Said the snake

The snake disappeared.

There were three pots full of gold coins.

I had the magic stick with me.

Thus, I converted the gold into ordinary pieces of stone.

We packed the stones into boxes and took them to the hotel room.

Afghan workers could understand nothing.

The workers thought they discovered only the pebbles by digging into the earth.

After a few days, I and Homa-the girl whom I love left Kuhna Deh & boarded the plane to Delhi & came back to India.

I donated all the gold (the treasure) to the Buddhist Society of India.

I & Homa- are now happy & are enjoying our life.

In addition, we have a son & are now planning to meet our great Sufi saint & great guru ‘The Fakir’ soon.

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