Stephen Hawking- The Laws of Nature Governs Everything

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Sometimes, typical questions arise in our minds. The questions such as Where is God? Who is controlling this world? How do miracles occur? And many more sophisticated questions. Scientists and philosophers have answered these questions differently.

But let us start from the very beginning. That is from ancient times when there was no development in science.

If you read the literature, you find that man invented several gods, such as the God of fire, rain, and wind, the sun god and the moon God. The calamities such as floods, volcanoes, earthquakes, storms and draughts resulted from the unhappiness of the Gods. They worshipped them and even tried to please them by giving burnt offerings. It is still prevalent in some remote areas of villages.

The Story of Rahu and KETU

As per Indian Mythology, ‘Rahu and Ketu’ chase or run after the sun and the moon. Thus, people say, ‘When they catch the sun or the moon, they swallow them.’ Hence, this causes solar or lunar eclipses.

But, after some time, they leave, either the sun or the moon. It is because the moon and the sun are immortal. It is a myth about the sun or the moon’s eclipse.

 But as science has developed, we know eclipses occur- because of scientific reasons.

An eclipse occurs when one celestial body (sun or moon) blocks another from view.

During a solar eclipse, the moon is between the planet -Earth and the sun. Hence, the people in some parts of mother earth cannot see the sun for some time.

During a lunar eclipse, Mother- Earth blocks the sunlight. Therefore, its shadow falls on the moon.

Thus, everything happens as per natural law. No one can change this law.

The Legend- Earth on Head of a ‘Naag’

The planet- Earth is on the head of ‘Shesh Naag’ (A great snake). It is in balance. But, whenever the snake moves its head, there is an earthquake.

Aristarchus (300 BC) found that the Earth, with other planets, revolves around the sun.

And now we know an earthquake occurs because of certain internal disturbances which cause shaking of the crust. But there is no miracle.

The development of theoretical physics begins around 600 B.C. It was that Pythagoras gave the famous theorem-‘the square of the hypotenuse of a right triangle equals the sum of squares of the other two sides.’

The famous universal laws such as the law of Archimedes, the law of buoyancy, the law of reflection, the law of inertia and the existence of ‘air’ emerged during the same era.

Dalton believed atoms are indivisible & they are the smallest part of a substance.

The ancient Indian civilization remains to be studied. The mathematician Brahmagupta gifted & explained the value of ZERO to humanity (650 AD).

Many scientists dedicated their lives to enlighten humanity. Aristotle taught us about the scientific temper, Newton gave us the law of gravity, Galileo the law of inertia, and Keplar explained the law of planets orbiting the sun. Laplace did not believe in the hypothesis of God.

But, the people rejected these laws because these laws were against the belief in the omnipresent God.

Scientist such as Stephen Hawking believes that the biological process in the human body also obeys the law of physics, chemistry & biochemistry.


Recent Experiment   

They stimulate an appropriate region of the physical brain. Thus, scientists are successful in creating a particular desire for human beings.

Hence, Stephen Hawking admits that we are only biological machines. And the soul is just an illusion.

You may read the book ‘The Grand Design’ by Stephen Hawking. This is a mind-blowing book.

One of the great philosophers says, ‘Oh my God. There is no God.’ Please watch this video. This video is exciting.

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