The Secret of All Religions- Chanting the Name of God

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Thousands of years ago, there lived a dangerous dacoit in a forest.

His name was Ratnakar.

He was a hunter- but started looting the people who passed by the jungle.

In short, he was a robber and a looter.

One day, a Rishi (Saint) was passing by the jungle. He attacked the saga to rob him. But the saint had nothing except clothes on his body.

Narad Rishi stopped there and asked some questions to him.

‘If you want to take clothes from my body, you can take them, but tell me why you are sinning and looting innocent people,’ asked the saga.

‘I kill animals and do robbery to support my family,’ answered Ratnakar

‘Ratnakar, what you are doing is a sin & God will not forgive you. Hence, please ask your family members if they are ready to share your sins or not,’ asked Narad Rishi.

Ratnakar tied the saga to a tree to prevent him from escaping and ran towards his home.

‘I feed and support you by killing animals and looting innocent people. Will you share my sins that I am doing?’ enquired Ratnakar of the family.

All his family members, including his wife and children, were not ready to share the burden of his sins.

‘You must look after and feed your family. We have nothing to do with your sins. It is your matter,’ Said his wife.

It shocked Ratnakar to hear such an answer and broke his heart.

He was sad at such a response.

He returned to the saga. Untied him and fell to the feet of Narad Rishi.

‘Please show me the path of salvation.

All my near and dear ones are selfish, and I suppose I am on the wrong track. Therefore, please show me the true aim of my life,’ urged Ratnakar.

The saga asked him to recite the word ‘Ram’.

‘Sit below this tree and chant ‘Ram’ continuously.’ ‘Ram’ is the divine name of the almighty God. The time will come when you will know the truth about the world and attain salvation. Thus, salvation must be the main aim of your life,’ Explained Rishi.

Ratnakar knew nothing about ‘Ram.’ He only understood was- that it was a word meaning the supreme God -the almighty which governs the universe.

Ratnakar sat there and began chanting ‘Ram.’ But, unknowingly, he chanted, ‘Mara, Mara,’-which was the opposite of it.

Whatever it may be, it was the name of God.

Ratnakar continued meditation for years. Anthill covered his body.

The Sanskrit word for Anthill is ‘Valmik’.

After a long time, the saga returned. He saw someone chanting the word ‘Mara, Mara. Narad Rishi woke him up from Samadhi and called him ‘Valmiki Rishi.

Thus, Ratnakar had attained salvation. He was now a different person. He must be experiencing the rain of nectar from heaven and the everlasting peace of God. His soul was experiencing the music of existence- that is the actual name of God.

Valmiki Rishi composed Ramayana.

Such is the importance of chanting the name of God.

Christian Religion

Christians believe in the Lord Jesus. Hence, they chant the divine name of Jesus. They term it as the Jesus prayer. Some repeat the name of ”Jesus’; with heart and devotion. A few of them use the name- ‘Lord Jesus, have mercy on me’. Whatever name it may be, it shows the existence of the supreme.

Islam Religion

Name chanting of Allah is an integral part of Islam’s religion. Hence, they chant the name of a god as ‘Allahu Akbar.’ Other names are ‘Allah- IL Lilah’ or ‘Ya Salaam.’ All these words are directed towards the almighty god.

Hindu Religion

There are many sects in the Hindu religion. The saints of various sects believe in different names of god. Names such as Ram, Hari Om, Hari Bol, Radhe Krishna, Hare Krishna or Sita Ram are common in Hinduism.

Benefits of ‘Name Chanting Meditation’

This practice slows down the metabolism and controls the pulse. Experiments show that it helps normalize blood pressure, reduces the rate of heartbeat and releases psychological stress.

Apart from these physical benefits, it is a transformative spiritual practice. It’s a first step to open the doors to the timeless. The music of existence (The actual name of god) is the same for all irrespective of religion.

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