The Invasion of the Aliens-A Short Story

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The chief of the state -AI Android Robot, releases a message for the citizens. The messages flash on all electronic devices, including TV screens. It says, ‘Humans must approach the android clinic. They will cure disease- whether physical, psychological, mental, or emotional. Our android surgeon will look after diseases. We take the utmost care for humans.’

David approaches the clinic.

‘Sir, my mind is always full of the thoughts of being a philosopher. I waste my time talking about philosophy & I do not concentrate on my job. I do nothing productive. What should I do, sir?’ enquires David.

‘Sir, you need to have a minor operation. We shall remove the chemical substance from the brain responsible for it,’ Says the android surgeon.

The operation begins & it completes within a few minutes.

David sits in the flying car and arrives home.

He is thinking about his job, his career and about his family. The thoughts about religious preaching, theology & philosophy cease permanently from memory.

The housemate humanoid robot-‘Ameca’, welcomes David.

‘Sir, it appears you are much more fresh than ever!’ exclaims Amica.

Lily is David’s wife. She enters the main hall.

‘Amica, prepare a cup of coffee for both of us,’ orders Lily.

They occupy the sofa and start chatting.

‘Lily, do you know our scientists are now preparing medicines for the immortality of humans?’ asks David.

‘Yes, there is exciting news. Scientists have eradicated cancer. The remedy for AIDS is in our hands & shortly they may find medicine for eternal life,’ adds his wife.

‘Yes, credit goes to the head scientist, Ronald Z. Akira. He and his fellow scientist are studying the genes of various species,’ adds he.

‘My life aims to find a medicine which will make the humans immortal.’ Such was the statement once given by the scholar.

On one side, artificial intelligence rules the entire world. Hence, the happiness index is very high. On the other hand, the scientists are striving to make life more prosperous.

But, unfortunately, there was an accident in the laboratory. There is a release of a deadly virus from the research organization. The virus spreads vigorously and affects millions in the world. There is a havoc in the world. People are looking for some miracle to occur. They are praying for help from the almighty.

The artificial intelligence tries to control the situation. The chief of the android surgeon announces-‘In a very short time, we will find the vaccine & there is no need to panic.’

One day, a miracle occurs. A streak of light is heading towards the planet Earth. It approaches the atmosphere and a UFO-unidentified flying object lands on the ground. Some aliens come out of it.

They are super intelligent creatures.

They communicate with the AI and confirm that they are well-wishers.

In difficult times- humans are thinking- they (aliens) may help in one or the other way.

‘We are your friends and we will help you. We have the remedy for this disease,’ says the alien.

They give some liquid in a bottle.

‘This is the exact medicine. It will cure the disease. We have the technology. Thus, we can manufacture more for you,’ confirms the alien.

They provide the vaccine, and the distribution of the vaccines begins.

‘Make it compulsory for all humans to take the dodge throughout the world,’ says the alien.

The world government provides the vaccine to the people of the world.

Thus, the humans on the planet get well. The disease vanishes in no time.

But, after a year-shocking development occurs.

The human- starts passing away. It is because of some unknown reason. The life on the planet Earth becomes extinct.

The aliens take control of the AI. And occupy the whole of the planet.

It remains a mystery.

Whether everything was pre-planned or there was some agent- working with the research team.

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