Discovery of New Exoplanet Leads to World War-The War to Conquer the Planet

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The police are after him. They want to arrest him. Arrest him for anti-government propaganda. The journalist is dangerous for the government.

The police officer: Sir, his house is locked. No one there.

The chief: Ask neighbours. If they know anything about him.

The neighbours have no information about him.

The chief: Inform all the airports & railway authorities. Tighten security. He should not flee the country.

Meanwhile, the writer hires a private helicopter. In a few seconds, he is flying in the air towards American continents. Thus, lands in New York.

International news agencies reveal his presence in the city. Thus, the next day he presents himself before the media.

‘I am thankful to the President of America. America, the largest democracy of the world. Thankful for the support.

Media person: How do you feel here, safe?

Robert: Yes, I am safe & happy.

Media person: Why they are after you? You are a writer & journalist with soft ideas. Softly write against the government. There are your supporters in your country too. Why so much hue & cry?

Robert: I am going to give the world a piece of thrilling news.

Press reporter:  What’s that sir?

Robert: The autocratic government & its allies are preparing biological weapons. A virus that kills millions. The intent to spread this virus on the newly discovered exoplanet- Galileo. The life on this planet is primitive. As per Darwin’s theory of evolution, it will take thousands of years to reach the human level. Because, they are still apes. The virus will put an end to the primitive life there. Hence, the autocrats plan to occupy the whole planet. Conquer it completely. This is the video of their plan.

The discovery of habitable planet Galileo is a joint venture of world scientist of   25th century. The discovery of the year 2405 AD.

The secret of autocrats is now public. The whole world is now shocked to hear this.

In the next few days

There is a terrorist attack on the virology research laboratory of Huhan city. Few people die. But, the laboratory building is destroyed. Hence, dictators blame Robert & his company.

Robert clarifies: I am a writer & a journalist. Thus, do not believe in destruction. Hence, do not justify such an act. I just bring truth to the public.

Meanwhile, some terrorist group in America accepts responsibility.

But, the political situation in the world deteriorates. Probably, heading towards fourth world war. Therefore a war between democratic governments & the dictators begins.

The war begins. But, the people of the autocratic governments make revolts against their rulers. A drastic revolution.  Therefore, people themselves overthrow their rulers & the governments. Thus, there is an end to the autocracy & ideology of dictatorship. And therefore, there is an end to the war.

Hence, the most developed, educated & civilized people of the planet earth has democracy everywhere. Thus, following the democratic way of life.

Thus, the dream of the great author & the philosopher-Robert has come true.

President honoured Dr Robert for his contribution to human society. President gives him the responsibility of planet Galileo. Robert migrates to an exoplanet with few more people from the earth. Hence, he represents the planet earth. The primitive homo sapiens meets the civilized counterparts. They help the apes to live a happy life. Thus, this will speed up evolution. The process of evolution as per Darwin’s theory. The gigantic planet has great resources. Resources to help humans & also to help primitive life on Galileo.

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