Doomsday-A Story of an Asteroid Hitting the Planet Earth

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Doomsday is nearer. An asteroid is approaching the planet earth. It’s a huge space rock which has a massive mountain that rises taller than Mt Everest. It has a width of about twenty kilometers. Scientists predict that it will strike the earth. Hence, the year 3000 AD may be the last year of humanity on the planet earth.

A meeting of the scientist with the President

 James: As per the calculations, the giant rock will strike the earth within a few weeks. We will not be able to divert its direction.

Patricia: We are now helpless. The robotics, artificial intelligence, or the latest technology can’t help us.

President: Anyhow, we must tell the people to remain calm. There should be no panic. Let us face what it may come.

People of the world are afraid & anxious. Few of them believe in enjoying the remaining last days of life. Some are praying god for life. But, some have even gone mad. Few are running towards the plane areas to save their lives. There is chaos.

The world government has two spaceships. Thus, each can accommodate at least 1000 people. But where to go?  No planet of the solar system sustains life. Moreover, we do not know about any exoplanet in our galaxy that can sustain life. Still, we have not explored such a planet.

Once again, the President calls a meeting of the heads of various countries.

President: I have an idea to save the human race. We shall send our space shuttles with humans for space travel before the asteroid strikes. Hence, they may reach another planet or may return to earth after the disaster.

Secretary of states: Good idea, sir, let us announce this. People will be ready for such space travel.

Rich people are getting chosen who can afford the voyage for the escape journey.



The journey towards the infinity

The voyager ships leave the planet earth before two days of the predicted disaster.

There is enough food & oxygen inside the ships for sustaining life. However, it may last only for about a month. Thus, after that, the people inside may not survive.

Even though it is exciting to be in the shuttle, everyone can observe the mother earth through a big T.V. screen. One can see the giant mountain approaching the planet earth.

And, as predicted by the scientist, it collides with the earth.  Thus, planet earth trembles due to the collision with a big bang. There are violent earthquakes & tsunamis on the planet earth. The nuclear reactors blast like bombs & thus create havoc. It’s doomsday. Thus, life on earth vanishes.

But, suddenly, the connection goes off. Thus, unable to witness the horrible scene. However, the people in the ship are crying, weeping. Because the mother earth is getting destroyed & their beloved ones  & relatives are no more. Moreover, they do not know where they are going into space.

Now, the flying ships are about to leave the solar system. Hence, they are heading towards the planet Saturn.

Lily, her husband Robert, & children are all sitting by the side of the window.

Robert: Children observe the planet Saturn. It has beautiful rings & it is a large planet.

Heena:  Papa, it’s superb. The planet is beautiful.

The flying objects float & now passes nearby Uranus &Neptune. Hence, they leave the solar system behind. No planet in the solar system is habitable.

The journey continues in the galaxy. Moreover,  all experience the infinity of the great god. They all are praying for a habitable planet. The available food & oxygen will last only for about a week. After that, they all will starve & die.

But the almighty creator is great. It seems as if they are entering into a new zone. Thus, They find that there is a giant star shining like our sun. Planets are orbiting around it.

The flying objects approach a giant Planet. It is surprising. It’s a green planet with oceans & green vegetation &  is ten times larger than the earth.

At last, the Captain of the shuttle decides to land.

Surprisingly, there are some creatures on the planet. There is some advanced civilization.

Ships lands on the planet-Trivial experience of humans

The giant apes capture the ships. It’s a planet of the apes.

The apes are curious to see us. Because humans have no tail, they have short height & small head.

The language of the apps is different. No one understands it. Anyhow, they take all of us to a big hall.

The king of the apes enters the hall along with ministers. He is with his friends.  It seems he was welcoming us. He was enquiring who we are.

Our Captain explains we are outsiders & coming from an exoplanet. And, now all of us are relaxed. The giant super apes are friendly & cooperative.

At last, they understand us. The Apes take us to the guest house. The guest houses comprise of the big luxurious vacant house. They offered to eat a variety of vegetarian dishes.

At present, we are here with the superhuman apes. The apes are much more intelligent than humans. We do not know where & how our mother earth is. But we are happy about this land. Now, this is our new home.

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