A Whisper From the Unknown World- A Short Story

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Suraj was a sincere medical student who occupied his days with textbooks, stethoscopes, and the promise of healing.

But amidst the hospital routine, he found something more profound. It was love that transcended the boundaries of anatomy and diagnosis.

Shalini, too, was a medical student who was in the same class.

Shalini’s eyes were bright with curiosity, and her heart was always open to the mysteries of life. Their paths crossed during the practical classes. Hence, they explored the complexities & emotions of the human body side by side. It wasn’t just the human body they dissected. But it was the layers of their hearts that they touched.

Their love bloomed like a rose flower growing on a plant. They studied together, laughed together and dreamed of a future where their stethoscopes would harmonize in rhythm. After completing the final exams, they exchanged vows under the ancient banyan tree.

They promised each other to remain intact in love as the roots of the Banyan tree.

Suraj and Shalini got married with the consent of their families.

Shalini’s father was an army officer, whereas the father and mother of Suraj were both doctors.

Suraj became a medical officer in a civil hospital in Bombay, whereas Shalini with her gentle hands opened a private clinic for healing and helping needy people.

Their love was the heartbeat of their home, echoing through the walls as they cradled their two children. The baby girl, Ananya, was four years old, and the little son was only two.

The baby girl, Ananya, with her innocent laughter, danced through the rooms and played with Papa. She was the most loving child of Suraj.

And little Arjun, with eyes wide as the moon, followed her footsteps.

The family gathered around the dinner table each evening, sharing stories of the day and unique experiences.

On one such day, they were discussing some miracles of life.

‘Brother, do you believe in ghosts? Do you have any such experience?’ asked his younger brother–Manoj.

Manoj was studying in the last year of college.

‘Manoj has a great interest in such supernatural happenings,’ said his father

‘Now I believe there are ghosts,’ Answered Suraj.

Everyone was eager to hear about the ghosts. Each one turned their ears towards Suraj.

‘It was midnight. I was sitting in my cabin. I saw a patient in front of me who had died before a day. He was looking at me with love. I could feel it. But, I was quite afraid.’ Admitted Suraj.

‘What was he like?’ enquired Mom.

‘Before I speak something, he disappeared from the chair. Still, I do not know how I experienced such a miracle,’ confessed Suraj.

‘You must have seen some horror film,’ commented his wife.

‘No, no. Since last month, I have not visited the theatre,’ Said Suraj.

Father explained to them to believe in god and begin the day with prayer so that good always happens.

But life is not that simple. Sometimes storms arrive in our lives. The pandemic swept across the world. Suraj, the healer, fought valiantly on the front lines. Shalini prayed for his safety. And her clinic now was a refuge for worried souls.

Then came the news—the unfortunate phone call that shattered their world. Suraj had succumbed to the invisible enemy. Because of the viral infection, Suraj was no more. He died.

The hospital corridors mourned. Shalini’s clinic felt emptier than ever. Ananya clung to her mother, her eyes filled with tears.

But one night, as the moon was peeping at Ananya’s window, something extraordinary happened. Suraj appeared in her dream—a translucent figure with bluish faint eyes. His voice was like a distant echo.

He whispered, “My little star, don’t cry. I’m still here.”

Ananya sat up, her heart pounding. “Daddy?”

He nodded. “I’ve crossed over, but love doesn’t obey borders. I visit you in dreams, my bridge between worlds.”

They talked about everything—the constellations, the smell of rain, and the way daisies bloomed in spring. Suraj shared stories of the afterlife—a place where time flowed differently and souls danced like fireflies. Ananya listened to everything with wonder.

The dream visits continued. Suraj continued guiding her and promised to help her whenever needed. Ananya loved these conversations. But her pillow was wet with tears.

One night, Suraj’s form began disappearing. “My little star, it’s time. I must go.”

Ananya’s throat tightened. “But why?”

He smiled, and said, “Because love is a journey, and I’ve reached my station. Tell your mother I love her, and tell Arjun to chase rainbows—they lead to hidden treasures.”

Ananya woke, her cheeks wet. She ran to Shalini, who held her close. “Mommy, Daddy visited me again. He said he’s leaving.”

Shalini’s eyes shimmered. “He’s saying goodbye, my love. But remember, love never truly leaves. It becomes stardust, sprinkled across the universe.”

And so Suraj faded from Ananya’s dream. The family gathered one last time—the grandfather, the children, the grandmother—all sensing the ethereal presence. They spoke of love, memories, and about the mysterious ghosts.

As the sun appeared, Ananya whispered, “Goodbye, Daddy.”

And somewhere in the universe, Suraj smiled, his love being a constellation that would guide them forever.

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