The Haunting of Nishapur – A Story of a Ghost

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In the quaint town of Nishapur, nestled between the whispering forests and the serene lake, there was a legend which- was famous for generations. It was that on every ‘full moon’ night, the spirit of a young woman roamed the woods, searching for something—or someone—lost in time.

Akash was a bright science student from the local university. The mysteries of the universe always fascinated him, but little did he know that he was about to encounter a mystery that defied all logic and science.

It was a night like any other, with the full moon casting an ethereal glow over the town. Akash had just returned from a scientific conference and found himself stranded at the railway station. The last bus had departed, and the rickshaws had vanished into the night. His hostel was five kilometres away. Hence, he had no choice but to walk.

As he made his way through the deserted streets, Akash’s mind wandered to the tales he had heard of the haunted Pipal tree that- stands at the crossroads near his hostel. They said a vampire, once a beautiful maiden, had been cursed to linger there, preying on unsuspecting travellers. Akash chuckled at the thought; such superstitions had no place in the mind of a man of science.

However, his scepticism wavered when he noticed an old man following him. Relief washed over Akash as he welcomed the company. They walked together, exchanging stories and laughter, until the man issued a chilling warning about the girl by the Pipal tree. The man advised him not to go after a girl seen around the Pipal tree at night. He warned him that she was a vampire.

As they approached the infamous tree, a figure emerged—a girl of otherworldly beauty. The old man said that she was a vampire and not a human. The stranger asked him not to worry, and he promised to accompany him to the campus.

When the hostel came, the stranger diverted his path, bid Akash farewell, and vanished as mysteriously as he had appeared. But when Akash turned back to look at the stranger, there was nobody. The stranger disappeared.

Was he a ghost? Had he come to help Akash? Akash had no answer to these questions. Akash reached the hostel. He was thinking about the girl.

The Next Day

Akash’s rational mind dismissed the cautionary tale, but it planted a seed of unease.

The next day, Akash went to the Pipal tree at midnight just out of curiosity. He wanted to know the truth about the girl.

As he approached the infamous tree, a figure emerged—a girl of otherworldly beauty.

The old – man’s words echoed in Akash’s ears, but the sight of her disarmed all fear. She was no vampire; he thought. ‘just a lost soul, perhaps.’

Akash, now alone, felt a strange pull towards the girl.

Against his better judgment, he approached her, and they spoke. Her voice was melodic, her touch like a whisper. And then she was gone, leaving Akash in a daze.

The next day, Akash awoke to a world turned upside down. His voice was soft and feminine, and his thoughts were not his own. Panic set in as he realized he was no longer himself. His friends, bewildered by the transformation, rushed him to the hospital.

Whispers of madness and possession spread like wildfire. It baffled the doctors. They were speaking of psychological anomalies they couldn’t explain. In desperation, Akash’s parents sought the help of a ‘Pir’- a healer of the spiritual realm.

The ‘Pir’ performed a ritual, sprinkling holy water and chanting ancient incantations.

A shiver ran through Akash’s body as he felt a presence leave him. Slowly, the fog lifted, and he returned to the world of the living, his ordeal a haunting memory that would linger forever.

Akash had learned a valuable lesson: some mysteries are better left unexplored, and some legends hold truths that transcend the boundaries of science.

This tale of Akash and the haunting of Nishapur serves as a chilling reminder that the world is full of enigmas, and sometimes, the pursuit of knowledge can lead to encounters with the unknown that is beyond our understanding.

Watch this informative video from the National Geographic channel on Ghost.




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