Mental Suggestions-A Story of Unique Sensory Perception

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The air wing division organizes a farewell party. It’s a celebration to say goodbye to group captain Rajesh.

‘Congratulations, group captain Rajesh. They have posted you to your hometown, Srinagar,’ says the president at flying officers meeting.

‘Two years before retirement, you are going to your hometown. So, you are very fortunate, Rajesh,’ adds he.

‘Yes sir, my whole family, including parents, grandparents, and cousins, was there for a long time. My son and his wife are working as professors at the university. My daughter is a banker. We also have land owned by our forefathers,’ comments Rajesh.

Army officers with their wives, invites, VIPs and government officials remain present at the dinner. It’s a dinner with live music and dance.

It is because Captain Rajesh destroyed three enemy planes during wartime.

According to the protocol, the senior officer draws his car towards his residence bungalow.

And thus, the department gives farewell and says goodbye to him.

The next day

Captain Rajesh and his wife board the plane to Srinagar from Bombay.

And the plane leaves for Srinagar.

His family gathers at the airport to welcome and receive him. Thus, they reach their hometown.

Captain Rajesh and all family members meet at dinner time.

‘How is your research work going on, Mitesh?’ ask the captain.

‘It’s ok, Papa. We are working on innovative projects such as alternative energy sources- such as solar and hydrogen energy. Such research will surely help us replace fossil fuels.’ Answers Mitesh.

‘Nice, good topic. The Vice Chancellor of the university-Dr. Himanshu is my friend. He was my classmate. Meet him and give my remembrances,’ says his father.

‘And dear Rohan and Divya, how are you?’ asked he.

Divya is her cousin, and Rohan is her husband.

‘We are all happy, uncle. I am in Bangalore, working as a computer engineer. But, I am on leave for a few days’ replies Rohan.

‘Divya is going to stay here with us. Isn’t it? Rohan is going to America after six months of training,’ informs Divya’s mother.

‘Oh, congratulations Rohan,’ greets Rajesh.

‘Thank you, uncle,’ smiles Rohan

‘Nana, I want to fly in the big plane. Will you take me with you?’ the baby sits on his lap.

Guddy is the young daughter of his sister.

‘Why not beta? Surely, I will teach you how to operate a plane.’

Hence, the family members disperse upon the completion of the dinner.

Rohan is at his father-in-law’s home.

‘Divya, I am going to Bangalore tomorrow. I will be back in a few months. And then will go to America for training,’ informs Rohan.

‘But I am going to stay here with Mom. Is it right?’

‘Yes, no problem Divya,’ agrees Rohan.

Rohan goes to Bangalore by train.

‘Mom, I am going to tell you an interesting secret. You will not believe me,’ says Divya.

‘What secret’

‘For a few days, I saw a dream- a bad dream of a plane crash. And, some army officer is dead. But I am uncertain about the place and the person.’

‘It’s not like that. You must have seen some TV series. Do not believe in superstitions. However, dreams cannot be true. Hence, forget everything and think positive.’

After a few days

 Captain Rajesh has to go to Arunachal Pradesh for an official meeting. Thus, he returns from there by helicopter.

The captain’s wife receives a message-‘the helicopter has crashed because of bad weather. We are still unaware of captain Rajesh. The pilot of the copter is no more.’

After some time, the media confirmed the death of Rajesh.

The earth moves away from the feet of his wife. And the family members gather as the message passes on.

In fact, Divya was upset. She could not utter a word. Captain’s wife was weeping. The message was unbelievable. She was grieving over the loss of her husband.

The funeral and other rituals were complete. As time passed, everything settled.

‘Divya, I think- you have some supernatural power and Unique Sensory Perceptions. You get a glimpse of the things well in advance,’ says her father.

‘But you must have told this thing well in advance. So that we may avoid such an incidence.’ says the mother.

‘But, I was not sure whether he was an uncle in the helicopter-I assure you, mom.’


After six months

‘Divya, I am coming home tomorrow. And, after a few days, will leave for America.’- a phone call from Rohan.

‘I am waiting for you, dear.’

Rohan is back from Bangalore.

So, Rohan books a ticket to New York before the journey.

It was midnight. The time was around 3.00 pm.

‘Mom, no, no,—please don’t… shouts Diya, asleep in bed.

She gets up from her bed, crying loudly.

Rohan is very much afraid.

‘What is it, Divya? Tell me what happened?’ asks Rohan.

Thus, their parents and all family members get together.

‘Nothing, Mom. Again, I have seen a dream. But, I will tell you the story at teatime.’

The Next morning- Divya tells about the mental suggestion.

‘But again, I can see the plane crash. Rohan, you must cancel the ticket for that flight.’

‘All right, I will go by the next day’s flight.’

‘The flight from Delhi to New York crashed over the Alps mountains. All the passengers and the pilot died’ News from the channel.

‘God is great. I have survived. Thank you, Divya,’ sighed Rohan.

There were tears in his eyes. Thus, the whole family embarrassed him and was proud of Divya.

Rohan goes to America on the next day’s flight.

It seems the human mind has an interconnection with the whole universe. Hence, if you are interested in such topics, you may read ‘Experiments in mental suggestions’ by Leonid Vasiliev & ‘The philosophy of matter in the atomic era’ by Ruth Reyna.

In addition, the encyclopedia of prophecy by Omar V. Garrison is also an exciting book.

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