Love Always Wins- A Unique True Story of Destiny

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‘The first prize goes to Heena A. Khan.’ the anchor on the stage shouts.

Heena, an eighteen-year young girl, rushes towards the stage. She seems to be energetic, full of enthusiasm & ready to move ahead in life. The audience applauds with cheers.

‘Congratulations, Heena. As usual, you are first among the students. I wish you a bright future’ Principal of the junior college blesses her.

‘And now its turn of a studious & hardworking boy of this town. Manoj Sharma, please come on the stage for second prize.’ Shouts announcer.

Manoj thus reaches the stage & receives the award from the Principal.

It’s Vijayawada. A town in the Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh. Thus, Manoj & Heena lives in this village. It’s a native place of Heena. His father originally belongs to this village. But Manoj & his family belong to Bengaluru. Manoj’s father is a bank officer & he is here in this village for about the last ten years only.

Manoj & Heena studies here in this school for the last five years. Both of them are rankers & always among the top three outstanding students.

Thus, they complete their studies in the village school.

Manoj now plans to join management studies. Hence, he moves to Bengaluru for further studies. But he has to stay in a hostel. It’s because his father serves in the same town.

Besides, Heena being a brilliant student gets admission to the engineering branch. Thus, she joins a college in a nearby town.

Manoj comes back home whenever there is a vacation or holiday. Being a small town, the people are familiar with each other & know well about Manoj too.

Heena & Manoj were classmates for years. They know each other well. Whenever Manoj returns home, he likes to meet Heena for one or the other reason. And now they are adults. Their chemistries match perfectly. Hence, it slowly results in a love affair. Both of them love to talk to each other, likes to be with each other. Thus, while in college, they continue to chat via mobile phone. They are now in love with each other.

By this time, few of the young people of the town know that Heena loves Manoj. Heena & Manoj are in love. But the gossip is among only a few boys & girls. Elders do not know about such a thing.

Both of them completes graduation. But are now so much fond of each other that can’t live without each other.

Is it genuine love or just an attraction between the opposite sexes? In fact, what is love? Only a beautiful feeling? A force of attraction. Let me leave this to the reader to decide.

Her family is an orthodox Muslim family where his father is a Muslim hardliner. Even he cannot imagine marrying her daughter to a Hindu family. Besides, he is a leader of his community. And this town has most of this religion. Hence, at last, Heena leaves her house.

Both the love birds plan to run away towards Bengaluru.

As per the plan, they reach the railway station of the town. They were waiting for the Sangh Mitra Express to arrive.

But, somehow, the plan fails. Heena’s uncle & his father catch them at the railway station.

Thus, they take Heena to her house. Besides, they beat Manoj ruthlessly.

‘You are blaming us for the Love Jihad & you are trapping our girls. You blame our boys. We are not playing the game of Love Jihad. Instead, you bloody people do that’ Abdul was violent. A mob gathers around Manoj’s society.

The crowd pelts stones at Manoj’s residence. But people of the society gather & try to resist. But all in vain. They have to protect themselves. They also start throwing stones & attacking the opponents. Hence, this results in a clash between the two groups. It’s a communal riot. Unfortunately, two persons get injuries & hospitalized.

Police arrive & impose curfew in the town. But both the parties file an FIR against each other.

Heena’s father is a rude person. He locks Heena in a room & torture her.

Heena’s father married her to a man having already a wife & children. But, after a few months of marriage, they gave her Talaq. Thus, she ran away to Bombay & was working as a software engineer in a reputed company.

She tried to contact Manoj but was unsuccessful.

After a few months, Manoj with his family moves to Bengaluru. His father takes to transfer from the village to the city place.

Meanwhile, Manoj continuous his studies & completes his MBA.

After completing post-graduation, go to Bombay for a job. Thus, along with the job, he starts his own business. He creates a Marriage Beauro company at Mahim, South Bombay. Harmony Marriage Beauro is a great success. A staff of about a hundred are working at his office. But Manoj is alone in Bombay. His parents still live in Bengaluru.

One day, Manoj receives an application. An application, looking for a groom. Thus, looking for a well-educated groom. The application accompanies a photograph. Yes, it’s none but Heena. There is also a contact number.

Hence, Manoj makes a phone call. He speaks in such a way that she could not reveal his identity.

‘Hello, are you looking for a groom?’ Manoj asks eagerly. ‘Yes, I do. I am looking for a life partner.

‘You just come to the following address tomorrow morning. I shall give you the information about the exact matches.’ Replies the manager.

The Next Day

The place is Mont Blanc Apartments at Mahim, where Manoj is waiting eagerly for the intruder. The door opens. Yes, she is Heena.

‘Please, come in.’ Says the maidservant Sunita. ‘Sit for a while.’

Heena is a little nervous.

‘It seems it’s somebody’s residence.’ She guesses, ‘It’s not a corporate office. Anyway, let me wait.’

Suddenly, Manoj appears. It shocked Heena, but her eyes sparkle with a gleam. Her heart beats faster. Is it a dream or reality? Heena cannot believe & express herself. What to do? What to speak? Cannot utter a word.

But it is a reality.

‘Heena, how are you?’ Manoj murmurs with a pleasant smile.

There are tears in the eyes of Heena. But cannot speak a single word.

Meanwhile, Sunita arrives with a cup of tea.

‘Sir, may I leave now? Your lunch is ready’ Sunita seeks permission.

‘OK, you may leave, ‘ Manoj replies.

Manoj takes Heena in his arms & hugs her & kisses her. She is the girl who loved Manoj. Heena gets the groom that she loved.

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