Woven Pearls from the Holy Book Bible- A Short Story

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Abraham was a member of a tribe living in Mesopotamia. Thus, scholars predict Mesopotamia was the first or the oldest civilization on the earth.

The name of his father was Terah. Terah was an idol worshiper. Thus, he believed in and imagined God as an idol. He had great faith in God, shaped in statue-like humans.

Terah was also preparing idols and selling them to customers. But Abraham did not like this, as he was against idol worship. Hence, he advised people not to purchase them and destroyed some idols because he believed there was no power in a statue.

Abraham differed from his father. He believed God must not exist as an idol. God must be everywhere, omnipresent, and in the whole universe. As per him, God must be in the stars and the heavenly bodies.

As a result, his father didn’t like him.

Anyhow, Abraham & his wife left his father’s home. They took with their cattle, horses, and camels. They did this as directed by God.

It was the time when humans were living on hunting and gathering food from nature. They were nomadic tribes, moving from one region to the other.

Hence, Abraham and his wife and a few others traveled toward Egypt.

And from there went towards the region of Canann near Israel.

Thus, they settled in this region of Canann.

Abraham had great faith in God, and he was a godly man. He used to pray and give an offering to God.

But, there was one problem in their life. They had no child.

God heard their prayer. Hence, God promised Abraham that he would be a father of a son.

Thus, Sarah, his wife, gave birth to a son. They had a child at an old age. They named the child Issac.

Issac was only the son and was most beloved to them

But the almighty God wanted to test Abraham’s dedication.

God said, ‘Abraham, go to the region of Moriah. Sacrifice your son as a burnt offering to me. I will show you the place.’

In fact, Abraham was unhappy because he loved his son too much.

But it was the order of his supreme. Hence, he couldn’t disobey.

Hence, Abraham got up early in the morning. He took Issac with him and started towards the mountains. Both of them collected dry wood for the burnt offering. Abraham had a fire in one hand and a knife in the other. They reach their destination.

Issac said, ‘Father, we have wood and fire here. But where is the lamb for the offering?’

‘I have great faith in God. God will provide our lamb for the offering.’

Abraham now makes an altar and puts wood on it.

Now he fetches his son Issac. Places Issac on the altar fire. Abraham was just about to cut his head with the knife.

But there was a miracle. A voice came from heaven.

‘Abraham, stop. Do not put your son to death. I know you are my real follower.’

At that moment, Abraham saw that there was a lamb around him.

Thus, he took the lamb to the altar and made a burned offering to God.

The angel appears again and blesses Abraham and his son Issac.

Such was the dedication of Abraham toward the almighty God.

The Lord provides everything to humans, eventually. But one must have great faith and dedication.

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