World Leaders Unites to find Global Solution for Peace and Prosperity- Satire Story.

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The Indian police are after him. And the chief of the police orders to arrest him immediately.

But somehow, he escapes and reaches London. Hence, the police pass the information to Interpol. And the international police are now trying to arrest him. Surely, you must be thinking of Bankrupt Mallya.

But your imagination is wrong. That person is not the politician & the business owner Mallya.

This politician cum business manager is enjoying his life in the UK.

Yes, he is a scientist who has done innovative research.

He has developed an App. It is electronic software that detects the lies of politicians. An App that reveals whether you are telling the truth or you are just a liar.

It seems it’s a good innovation. Thus, this app can accurately find the lies of murderers, thieves, & guilty people.

It’s an excellent App. When one inserts the recorded speech of a person, the app immediately finds out whether one is a liar or an innocent person.

But, the government is against the use of this app. The ministers & all political leaders are against this. They do not want this software to reach mobile phones.

The political leaders of most countries, such as America, India, the UK, Russia, and China, are against the launch of this app.

They all wish to ban this app, just as few countries have banned all satirical magazines & satirists. In some democratic countries, they indirectly banned the freedom of speech.

The politicians & the government decide what to eat and how to lead life.

Let us come back to our story. The lie detector gadget is a software that reveals the lie and brings the truth to the public.

Therefore, the international police arrested the innovator, banned his app & put him in jail.

‘This app will violate the privacy of a person & thus we should prohibit it.’ says a leader.

Politicians are much more afraid of such an app. It is because whenever one places an election campaign speech, a public speech, or an address to the nation on the app, the app will show whether the person is bluffing or is correct.

And if this happens, they cannot rule the world.

If you think in terms of mother earth, it has given us everything. Every person becomes rich if the globe we consider it a single nation. There will be enough food, enough fuel, and enough space to live.

It’s only the politicians that have denied the rights of people. Hence, they have created boundaries over the land and sky.

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