Funny & Erotic Carvings on the Outer Wall of the Love Temple- Khajuraho

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We are on the premises of the Khajuraho temple. It is a big temple. And a temple is a place of worship. Lord Shiva is seated in the shrine room of the temple. Hence, we can see the devotees of Shiva and tourist from India and throughout the world roaming here and there.

But, surprisingly, the carvings on the side wall of the temple are eye-catching. All the deities are nude. The nude ‘idols,’ either male or female, are in groups or pairs. But the actions are exciting. What are they doing? They are presenting the reality of life. But, it seems there is no vulgarity.

‘This is a sacred temple for worship. It’s a temple of Lord Shiva, explains the guide before entering the temple.

‘But, you can see the idols of people engaged in sexual pleasures,’ says he, pointing towards the carving.

‘Wow, what is it? I cannot imagine, exclaims a lady tourist.

‘How can there be such vulgar pictures in a temple?’ asks a tourist.

‘Madam, there is no vulgarity. I will explain to you the meaning of all this,’ the guide says.

One newly married couple is very excited to observe the erotic carvings. They try to see every action depicted on the wall.

A group of girls laughs, gossip, and are astonished at the sexual manifestations. Some feel shy about nude images in public.

It amazed the tourist at the erotic sculptors who sparkle their eyes.


‘All these carvings are symbolic’ explains the guide.

‘Sex is a force of nature. Every species on the earth exists due to sex. And, therefore, it’s important. But, if you go beyond sex, you will have a glimpse of the super power god. Thus, you may experience the pure happiness- even a thousand times greater than sexual pleasure. Hence, god is inside the temple,’ he continues.

‘Sexual desires govern our bodies. This is Maya. It is very difficult to cross the boundaries of Maya. Thus, it is very difficult to go beyond sex. The body itself is a temple. God resides inside the body. But, the outer covering has desires, including sexual desires,’ concludes the guide.

Khajuraho Temple

This place is worth visiting. It is in North India and is in the state of Madhya Pradesh. This temple comes under the UNESCO world heritage monument.

The Story

Long ago, a priest lived in Kashi. He had a daughter whose name was Hemvati. She was very much beautiful.

Once, it was a full-moon night. Hemvati was bathing in a pond full of lotuses & other flowers. The pond was full of natural fragrance.

She was so beautiful that the moon was watching her from the sky. Thus, he gets attracted by her beauty and hence, comes down to earth. The moon deity fell in love and did everything that a lover does.

Then the moon deity was preparing to leave her.

‘Please do not leave me alone, my lord. I am going pregnant,’ says Hemvati.

‘Go to the forest of Khajuraho. I shall visit and help you whenever needed. Your son will be brave & he will become a king’ advise the moon deity.

Thus, she gave birth to a son. He was a mighty & brave warrior. Therefore, he set up the Chandela dynasty & built the temple of Khajuraho.

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