The Girl Whom I Loved-A Unique Love Story of My Destiny

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I was an extraordinary student in my college. Thus, I completed my graduation with distinction. Hence, I got selected for the post of officer in the Income tax department. In fact, I was a little shy and an introverted type of person. Thus, I had few friends because I used to spare my time reading books. Books were my best friends.

My study room was full of books. There were books, such as books on ancient scientists, books on religion, and science fiction & stories.

Besides, I had a loving sister- Hina, Mom, and Dad.

My dad was a retired military officer, and my mother was a stay-at-home parent.

But the story that I am going to tell you is fascinating.

I saw some queer dreams in my deep sleep. I saw a beautiful girl in the nightmare & she used to propose to me for marriage. She was so beautiful that I fell in love with her.

I saw such dreams repeatedly for a long time. Thus, I clearly remember the face of the girl. Unknowingly, I loved her. Maybe she was my dream girl.

As a result, I approached a mystic who was a dream interpreter, a foreseer, and an astrologer. Because I had heard about him, heard people saying about him he can see your future & find solutions to your problems.

The foreseer was a man with long bears & was a devotee of the goddess- Jagdamba. He was a saint. His residence was a hut nearby the temple in the lonely forest.

I reached the place.

‘Beta, you are fortunate. I can see that you will marry the same girl. But, wait for a few months. Everything will be O.K. with time. Your destiny is clear. Tell nothing about your dream to anybody. The goddess–Shakti will help you.’ Blessed the Baba.

I touched his feet & seek permission to leave.

‘If you cannot find a way, come after a month. I shall give you a solution,’ said Baba.

Hence, I returned to my home.

It was dinnertime. And all our family members were enjoying delicious meals.

‘My son, now you are an adult. We are now planning for your marriage. We too have seen a girl who is a daughter of my close companion,’ said my father.

I got shocked. I did not know what to say. Because I had in my mind the girl-dream girl. But the mystic had told me I would marry the same girl. Of course, I did not know her.

‘Father, let me settle down. I shall think of it after a year, replied I.

‘Beta, I have seen the girl. She is a good girl. We are close family friends. In fact, we have been to their house when you were in 10th standard. They are going to visit our house tomorrow,’ said mom.

But, somehow, I refused. And therefore remain away from home at the time of their visit. They left a photograph of the girl with my parents.

And that photo remained with my parents, unseen because I was not interested in the girl.

As time passed by, I saw the same type of dreams. And now, I was a daydreamer.

A few months passed. I again approached the foreseer- the Baba.

‘Has your problem not solved?’ asked Baba.


‘No, Babaji- again same dreams.’

Hence, Baba was a little confused.

Baba went inside his hut. He came with a sheet of transparent glass plate & spread some red-colored powder on it & closed his eyes & chanted some ‘Mantras’. Then, he asked me to look carefully at the red-colored (‘kumkuma’) glass plate.

I could see the face of the girl I loved. But, I saw it was a big city like Delhi towards north India. For me, it could not identify the city. But it was exciting.

‘My boy, travel towards the north, towards Delhi. So, leave for Delhi early in the morning,’ explained Baba.

The next morning.

I started my journey toward Delhi by Duronto- Express from Bangalore, my home.

The train was about to reach Delhi station. It stopped a little while before the station. And, just by the side of my train, there was another train. This train was heading towards Bombay. It was about to start.

I peered through the window & I caught the view of the same girl. She was the girl whom I had seen in my dreams.

Instantly, I captured the image of the lady with my mobile phone. And the train started for Bombay.

My train stopped at Delhi station.

I roused myself and made a sudden resolution. I seized my bag. I was now determined to take the first express towards Bombay.

Now, I was heading towards Bombay by Pune Duronto express.

I had some conversations with my fellow passengers. They were young people that completed graduation.

‘Have you seen this girl?’ enquired by showing a photo.

‘Yes, she was my classmate. Her home is beside the Taj Palace hotel,’ said the young man.

I thought some events were directing my life. Maybe it’s my destiny.

Thus, I reached that place. Of course, I stayed & dined in a hotel.

The next day, I was sitting on a bench in a garden in that area. To my astonishment, the girl came & occupied the same seat.

I got a little confused, though, as if I knew her. However, she smiled. Hence, I relaxed a little.

‘Hello, I think I have seen you somewhere before?’ I asked.

‘No, I do not exactly remember. May be somewhere.’ She said.

‘I am an income tax officer and am a bachelor,’ said I.

‘So sad- get married,’ she said, smiling at me.

‘I am looking for a girl.’

‘If you give me your contact information, I shall find a bride and inform you,’ she said.

We exchanged our contact information.

We met for a few more days and, at last, got married. In fact, we got married in a temple in the presence of Goddess Shakti & moved to Bangalore in my hometown.

At Home

I returned home along with a bride. It was the girl whom I loved. But my parents were astonished to see us.

They welcomed us & blessed us. But I could see the happiness in their eyes because it was the same girl I was to marry. Hence, my mother fetched the photograph that she wanted to show me that day. I got shocked. She was the same girl- the daughter of my father’s friend.

‘The girl whom I loved.’   

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