Absent-Minded Professor- A Unique Story of Romance

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Dr. Rao is a professor at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay- a world-renowned institute. In fact, he is a talented & genius professor who has an excellent reputation in the academic field.

His office is a place, which remains busy for maximum hours of the day. Of course, you will find a pile of books lying on the table, along with research journals, periodicals & projects for the students. Therefore, if you want to meet him, he is always present in his office from morning to evening. And sometimes late at night, too. Thus, this place is a busy place where students, representatives from industries, publishers, scholars & such visitors come & go.

On one such occasion, Dr. Rao was discussing some matters of research with students.

A beautiful young lady enters his office.

The lady: Good morning, Sir.

The lady gives a smile & occupies a sit in his front.

Professor stared at the lady eagerly for a few seconds.

Professor: I suppose you are our new staff member. Please sit. Let me finish my discussion with the students.

Hence, the conversation with students continuous. But it continues for about an hour. However, he forgets about the guest sitting in front of him.

Fortunately, a peon interrupts & reminds him of the guest waiting for his attention.

The professor turns around her. Now, they were only two in the office.

Prof: Anyway, what is your name?

Lady: My name is Shila

The young girl again gives an appealing smile & looks up at him.

As a result, he forgets everything about the academic work in his mind. Meanwhile, he leans a little towards her.

‘Miss Shila,’ he begins slowly, ‘I want to spare some time with you. Thus, I wish to say something to you. Will you be my wife? In fact, I want to marry you. I know you are unmarried. Please, tell me.’

‘Oh, what are you talking about?’ Exclaimed the young lady. She stands up from the chair, gazing amazingly at him.

‘What’s the problem?’ says the professor. ‘I want you to marry me. In fact, I feel you can be my best life partner. Therefore, I want your consent. Now, please talk. Because I have much pending work in the routine.’

Suddenly, she throws both her arms around the neck of the professor.

‘Now I know.’ She whispers. ‘Professors are always absent-minded. Hence, their mind is busy in imaginations & occupied with many ideas. Hence, their business makes them absent-minded. Don’t you remember Rao? We married & I am your wife. In fact, we married just last week.

Dr. Rao takes a break for a few days & leaves for a honeymoon trip. Thus, a honeymoon trip to St. Lucia.

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