Bio-engineering Technology of the Next Century-A Short Story

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Amisha is a baby girl of age, around ten years. She is playing around her house.

Her mom is preparing some food in the kitchen.

‘What are you doing, Amisha?’ Get some fresh mangoes and vegetables from the pot,” Mom asks.

Amisha picks up some fresh ladyfingers, brinjals, and mangoes and gives them to her mother.

These are the genes-change plants. The plants give many fruits and vegetables in a short time. We can grow all such plants in a small place in a vase or tumbler. In addition, there are light-emitting plants that illuminate the streets. And, of course, some herbs spread natural fragrance in the atmosphere.

Amazingly, a single plant is enough for a single family

‘Now, do you know that you have to complete your assignment?’

‘Yes, Mom, I shall complete it within half an hour.’ It’s about ancient scientists’. Says Amisha.

‘Unless you submit it, you cannot access your next lesson. Hence, complete it and submit it before school time,’ Mom.

Amisha prepares the assignment.

‘Mom, it’s ready and check it before submission.’

ANCIENT SCIENTIST- Jadish Chandra Bose

Jagadish Chandra Bose was born on November 30, 1858, at Bikrampur in East Bengal. Even as a boy, Jadish Chandra showed a keen inclination towards invention and a love of nature.

His father noticed his aptitudes. Thus, he provided all facilities and sent him to England for higher studies in science.

Jadish Chandra Bose said, ‘We have regarded trees and plants as not akin to us because they are voiceless of the world. But I will show you they are sensible creatures-in that they really exist and can answer your questions.’

‘It’s nice, my baby,’ says her Mom.

‘They were the pioneers of biotechnology. We are thankful to them. In fact, the fuel we use depends on biotechnology. The variety of fruits and vegetables results from bioengineering. All essential products such as toothpaste, soaps, carry bags, clothes, shoes we wear, and all our medicines emerge from plants,’ Mom explains.

‘Now, submit the assignment and sit tight on the chair before the computer screen for the next lesson.’

Amisha’s grandfather arrives.

He smiles at Amisha.

‘Are you at school? Beta, do you know what sort of schools we had? O.K. go ahead. I shall tell that story at your leisure.’

Grandfather falls into the thoughts and memories of schools of the previous decade.

Amisha, her parents, and grandparents were discussing current events just after completing dinner.

There was an announcement on the T.V.

‘We are selecting our prime minister within the next few days.’

‘All citizens who fulfil the voter’s criterion must visit the nearest voting center,’ the newsreader announces.

In fact, the country is going for fresh polls—an election to elect a new leader.

The next day, Shyam, his wife, and his grandparents visit the voting center.

One by one, they enter the chamber.

The chamber is a cage-shaped computer.

Voters show their fingerprints on the screen. Hence, the machine allows them to enter the chamber and scan the brain. They built it on the principle of neuron technology.

Thus, it decides towards which party a person is leaning. Finally, the computer finds out which leader you want. Hence, it records votes in a fraction of seconds.

Thus, the election process runs on computers. To conclude, the latest technology of brain scans governs it. In fact, it is the latest biotechnology.

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