The War between Aliens & Dragons- Aliens moves to a New Planet

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There is a war between Aliens & dragons. Aliens are peace-loving creatures. But, the demons are wicked. They want to destroy aliens. Thus, wants to grab the planet & set the empire. In fact, the alien population on the planet is small. Hence, dragons are set to wipe them out. Thus, they want to control the planet. Most of the creatures become the victim of the war.

The message of the war reaches the Devtas or deity.

Deity: We must save the life of our creatures. They are in trouble.

Indra: We must stop the massacre. Anyhow, the dragons must vacate the planet.

The deities reach the site of war. Reaches the planet with the latest weapons.

Aliens are very much excited to see their creators.

Apollo: We have come to save your life. Thus, to save the planet.

Alien: Only a few of us are alive on this land. Dragons are creating havoc. Please save our lives.

Indra: The demons are powerful. Thus, we must use deadly weapons. However, these weapons will eradicate their presence on the planet.

Zeus: We must use weapons of mass destruction.

Apollo: But, that will destroy the whole planet. What about aliens?

Indra: Only a few of the aliens are alive. Let us send them to our newly designed planet. They will survive & flourish there.

As per the plan, the aliens board the UFO. The flying spaceship starts a journey towards an unknown destination. Hence, a journey towards an unknown planet in the Milky Way.

Indra: Now, let us destroy the planet along with the demons.

The planet is destroyed. It vanishes into the black hole.

UFO Lands on an amazing planet

The aliens travel for years. But, they are not aware of time. Moreover, they sleep for years. A sort of hibernation period. Hence, after millions of years, reach the destination. An amazing green planet. A planet with plenty of water & green vegetation. In addition, a planet with a pleasant environment. Moreover, there are no dinosaurs or tyrannosaurs. Their existence is now over. There are no more earthquakes.

Aliens find it exciting. They are astonished to find such a place. Spaceship remains on the barren land.

Alien starts a new life

Its new adaptation in the new environment. Therefore, they learn to survive on vegetation & primitive animals on the land. But, truly they start from zero. They have no equipment, no tools, no weapons & nothing else. Hence, starts from primitive life. They evolve as per Darwin’s theory of evolution & becomes strong & intelligent. And, they are the inhabitants of the earth- Human beings.

As time goes on, they even forget about their origin. They do not know that they are aliens.

Human beings descendants of Alien race

We the human beings are descendants from an alien race from another planet. In fact, we are native to earth. Darwin’s theory seems to be correct. But, applicable to the alien species.

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