Funny News around the World- New Medicines for Corona Virus Creates Humor

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Coronavirus is continuing its spread across the world. People around the world are trying various medicines. Drugs that are not prescribed by doctors. These may not have scientific approval. But, the community accepts & practice these medicines. Hence, the news spreads like fire in society. Here are some humorous instances.

Cow urine as medicine

You must have seen people drinking the milk of cow. But, in certain regions, people are consuming the urine of cows. Some claim that cow urine can eradicate the microorganism coronavirus. And, it’s written in the old scriptures. Thus, they collect cow urine. Besides, the cost of cow urine reaches to around Rs. 80 per litre. Surprisingly, the price rising above that of milk. The cows must be feeling proud. In addition to milking them, people now collect urine along with the cow dung. They consume it as medicine early in the morning.

It may have antibacterial properties.  But, there are no scientific reports of curing coronavirus infection.

Use of UV Radiation

 Some people suggest new ideas.  It is of transmitting UV radiation on to the infected person. This UV radiation may kill the virus. But, along with the virus, it creates severe damage to the body. The scientific community does not support & accept such remedy. Thus, the World Health Organization disapprove the experiment.

 Bee stings

Honey is a natural product.  Honey bees are expert in preparing Honey. Scientists are performing experiments on bee stings.

When a bee bites, it releases a mixture of acidic compounds. This mixture may work as a vaccine to kill coronavirus. In an experiment, honey bee stings to an infected person are given. The person is in the hospital. It is not clear whether the virus is present or not.

The venom of the cobra as vaccine

 Some communities in India are expert in trapping or getting hold of snakes & serpents. They catch cobras and collect venom & sell it. Some people claim the venom of cobra can kill the coronavirus. If a snake bites, the person along with the virus dies. Hence, the World Health Organization is waiting for the final report. Final report of how cobras can be useful for killing coronavirus.

Performing Yajna Rituals

Some people in India are planning to perform Yajna rituals. They claim that the outcomes of religious services will kill the virus. So, let us wait. Thus, time will show its efficacy.

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  1. It seems many people, especially in India are still serious with the idiotic stuff you mentioned. Bathing in cow-dung ete

    Atimely article. Thank you

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