Parallel Universes-A Story of Our Dual Existence

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The media all over the world is broadcasting weird news. Thus, the people of the world are worried. They suppose some horrible thing is going to happen on the earth. Hence, everyone is curiously observing the news. The televised talks and the interviews are continuously going on.

The reporter says, ‘Sir, you are present in America at this moment. How can you be in India at the same time? Is that your duplicate? Or else it’s black magic? Can you explain us?’

Maharshi Urvish is a great religious teacher. Thus, people call him a ‘guru’ Thousands of followers visit his ashram.

People visit his ashram to practice meditation and Yoga. Millions have left their homes to follow him, and he is an outstanding teacher and philosopher.

Urvish is in New York. But, reports say he is in India, simultaneously taking part in a religious ceremony.

Maharshi, ‘Please, my child, be calm. I do not have any duplicates. I don’t know about my presence in India. But, God is great. The superpower lives within you. However, you are just a reflection of it. Our understanding of ourselves is finite but, the universe is infinite.’

Maharshi completes a religious ceremony and his preaching to the devotees in India and disappears.

The police and the intelligence department try their level best to locate him. But they fail. The guru disappears.

Most of the TV channels & media are discussing the strange happening.

Suddenly, the CNN news channel releases one more breaking news.

‘People of America say that they saw the president of America roaming in the city of New York. Actually, he was present in Washington.’

Once again, the intelligence department finds the duplicate, and they fetch him to the president’s house. But again, he disappears.

Scientists of the world cannot explain what is happening. Rumors and stories spread throughout the world community. There is a sort of panic. People are afraid, some are worried, and some enjoy the news.

And such incidences increase day by day in the world. Thousands of people around the globe confess that they have seen their counterparts, just like shadows. Thus, duplicates or the photocopies of ourselves roaming here and there.

The planet earth is in turmoil.

However, some scientists say,’ they may have come from other universes. Thus, far away from galaxies. It seems Schrodinger’s hypothesis seems to be correct.’

They have arrived because of teleportation from other universes. They come from the cosmos. Hence, our duplicates or copies. Now, it’s not wrong to say-We exist in different worlds simultaneously.

Hence, they are nowhere. You will find a duplicate somewhere around you.

They are not aliens, but they are ourselves. They do not need spaceships and unidentified – flying objects. Somehow, our partners have come from distant galaxies.

Anyhow, it’s an exceptional creation of the infinite superpower.

Schrodinger’s hypothesis of parallel universes and his thought experiment appear to be correct.

Hawking, in an interview, said, ‘It would not be beyond the realm of possibility that somewhere outside of our universe lies another different universe.’

After all, these are all interpretations and imaginations of multiple copies of us living in different worlds.

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