Launching Artificial Sun on Mars- A 50th Century Dream

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Four hydrogen atoms combine (Fuse) to produce a helium atom. This is known as nuclear fusion. But, during this process, some mass converts into energy. Thus, huge & tremendous amount of energy is produced during nuclear fusion. The release of energy occurs with zero pollution. Clean energy. No pollutants at all. Nuclear fusion occurs in the Sun. Sun is the source of the main energy.

The power generation based on nuclear fission reactors is now history. The nuclear fusion reactors are working through ought the world. Hence, energy with no pollution. The reactors of 50th century.

Scientist Tony: We are now planning to launch an artificial moon in the sky. Thus, this moon will provide cool moonlight. Hence, will save tremendous electric energy. Therefore, no need for street lights in cities.

Scientist John: Our project is almost ready. In the next twenty years, human civilization will experience a great discovery in science. It will create havoc on the earth.

After 20 years

Almost all cities of the world receive artificial moonlight. Of course, the past generations may not have even imagined of this. In fact, the artificial moon is not simply a balloon. But, a huge sphere made of glass. Glass that reflect sunlight. It moves in the orbit in such a way that when the sun sets, it almost rises.

Tony: We & our team are now working on a special project. A great surprise for the world. Preparing artificial Sun. Hence, mimic the reactions occurring in the Sun.

Sam: It’s possible to create huge gravitational force in the central region of a giant ball. Hence, the hydrogen cloud will rotate & remain around the ball. We shall create tremendous high voltage inside the cloud. That will spark & initiate the fusion reaction. Thus, once initiated, it will then continue. It will continue for about 10,000 years.

Sam is a robot. A robot with very high intelligence. Artificial intelligence.

John: The secret of the technology will remain hidden with us.

Tony: After fifty years, we will be heading towards planet Mars. In addition, we plan to create an earth-like environment on Mars.

After 50 years

Sam: The fireball, artificial Sun is ready. In fact, a star in a glass ball. Let’s take it to Mars. Place it at a fix distance in the orbit.

The space ship carrying the stuff leaves for Mars. Reaches to Mars. Robots fix the fireball at a calculated distance. Starts revolving. At a fixed time, a spark initiates the reaction. Thus, the fusion reaction starts. The areas under the sun now have a temperature of around 30 degree Celsius.

Humans reach to Mars. It’s no more barren. It’s habitable. Moreover, enough water & CO2 for vegetation. Therefore, huge farms & ample land. Hence, it’s heaven. Huge planet.

Truly, God is infinite. Moreover, the human mind & his soul is also infinite.

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