Fear of Invasion – Humans Fear Invasion from Extraterrestrial Life

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A streak of light observed in the sky. It’s heading towards the land. In a few minutes, the spaceship lands in a village. It lands on barren land near a farm.

Within a few seconds, the news spreads like a fire. Hence, the government immediately comes into action. Thus, the police & the military cordon the area.

The aliens are now just getting off from the Unidentified Flying Object. They are excited to see the new planet with life.

The police chief: It seems, they are aliens. They may attack us. Catch them alive & put them in prison.

As the extraterrestrials step out, the police try to catch them. But, when they resist, opens fire on them.

The aliens are afraid to see the abnormal behaviour of the creatures on the planet earth.

Alien 1: The creatures on the planet seems to be brutal. All of you take care.

Alien 2: We were expecting a warm welcome, but they want to arrest us.

There is hue & cry. Hurriedly, most of them get back into the space ship. And, the UFO leaves immediately. But, an alien is wounded & is left behind.

Taking the benefit of darkness, the alien runs towards the farm. He climbs a tree & gets away from the site of police.

The police are now rigorously searching for the alien left on the earth. They try to explore him into each & every corner. But, no clue for the outsider.

The government now announces on every channel & media: ‘The creature may be dangerous. It may attack us. It may spread pandemic disease. If anyone comes across such an outsider, report immediately to police. Contact the helpline numbers’

Next Day

Dr Harsh is returning home from his hospital at about 10.0PM. He is a surgeon, a scientist & a philosopher too. Harsh finds a man clad in a dress like a robot. He is asking for a lift.

Harsh stops his car.

Harsh: Yes, Gentleman, wants a lift?

Alien: Yes, thank you, please.

Alien occupies back- sit.

Dr Harsh:  Where are you coming from, Gentleman.

Alien: I am from planet-X. An extraterrestrial.

Dr.: What?

Alien: Yes, planet X of the multiverse. I belong to another world. I am injured. Police were after me. But, I escaped.

Harsh is excited & afraid too. But,  find the alien to be very friendly. Alien is full of emotions. Besides, the alien is super intelligent & more advanced than human.

Harsh does not want him to handover to the government. Because he knows well, the government will put him in prison. People around the world will come to see him. They will see him like an animal in a zoo.

Hence, Harsh decides to take him to his farmhouse.

At the House

Harsh: Rita, baby Priya & all servants, all come here. I have with me a special guest from planet X. Please, don’t be afraid. He is friendly, cooperative & super intelligent. And, no one will disclose his presence at our home.

Rita: But, the government will accuse us of breaking the law?

Doctor: No one will know. And, being a doctor, I have to take care of his injury.

They provide him with a separate room. There was a scar on his left leg. Perhaps, a bullet struck at his leg.

The doctor put some medicines & tie up some bandage.

Within a day he becomes a good friend of the family. He reveals everything about his large & beautiful planet where there is peace & prosperity. There is no struggle for food & survival & heavenly place to live.

He tells beautiful stories to small baby Priya. Priya too loves him.

After a few days, the alien contacts his colleagues through a tiny electronic gadget. At one night, an almost invisible machine lands on the garden lawn.

Surprisingly, the whole family along with the alien boards the UFO. Within no time, it disappears in the multiverse.

The police find a note written by the  Alien from the doctor’s house.

“All other life forms may be from the exoplanet or any evolved life are always the problems of the humans on earth. Even God in the form of Jesus, Mohammad and Krishna comes, people will put them in prison first.  They will treat them as a man of a drama company.

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